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Science Research with Mr. Suchmann (9th & 10th Grade)

The 9th & 10th grade work closely with Mr. Suchmann in his phenomenal innovation lab ("The Space") to research today's science & engineering challenges and to submit their projects and findings to various science competitions, expos and fairs. 
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Mr. Suchmann on SciTech Long Island
Read below about some of the original educational experiences in Mr. Suchmann's science research class.
NSHAHS is proud to announce...
Long Island Science Congress Junior Division winners......

Rachel Hanan - 9th grade-- won a High Honors trophy and and a check form the Pediatric Society for a project titled "Cavities BE Gone!"


Ella Shusterman & Jen Katz - 9th grade won High Honors trophies for a project titled "Mirror Drawing Paradigm"


David Yagudayev - 9th grade- won an Honors trophy for a project titled "What Benefits Does Chess Provide?"


Congrats to all our winners!  



2019 Cyber Surgeons Medical Virtual Reality Simulation

CyberSurgeons is an intense and immersive learning experience that engages your students in a live simulation to quickly diagnose and treat an array of medical cases. With the help of computers, the Internet, and a video conference connection or webcam, students interact with a "Chief Medical Officer" at the Challenger Learning Center. Together, teams of students use their critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge to solve emergency medical problems.

During their mission, students become part of an emergency medical team on a National Institutes of Health mercy ship traveling up the Amazon River. The ship is equipped with high-tech hospital equipment and medical research capabilities.


Cyber Surgeons 2019 Review - by Jacob Shimunov

The first time I heard about Cyber Surgeons in Mr. Suchmann's class, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to participate in this competition. Coming into the event, I felt anxious about how I would perform in front of an actual doctor, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the other students. However, all the time I put into practicing for the Cyber Surgeons felt very reassuring as I did my Diagnostic job very well. For any student who has an interest in the medical field and would like to experience similar responsibilities as a doctor, the preparation and actual game was very informative and enjoyable. There are 4 different positions open to students, the Diagnostic, Clinical Intervention, Medical Surgeon, and Case manager, all of these jobs were amazing and fun experiences. Overall, I enjoyed Cyber Surgeons, and it helped me to realize that I actually would love to be in the medical field.


Cyber Surgeons 2019 - by Jennifer Katz and Ella Shusterman  (The Winning Team)

We have had the unique opportunity to participate in this wonderful program ;  "Cyber Surgeons". This program is a live simulation of the diagnosis and treatment of ill or injured patients. There were four groups, each with five participants. The leader of the group was the Case Manager, who was in charge of managing the case patients for the whole team. Each team has a Case Manager, Diagnostic Specialist, Med Surgical Specialist, and a Clinical Interventionist. Each team was given different patients, each with different symptoms. Using the program MediNet, we were also given a list of diseases, and it was up to us to choose the problem that was most likely wrong with our patients. We then had to order different tests and treatments to help cure the patients and make them ready to be discharged. Our team won, discharging 5 patients in total!


Enjoy the photos from the competition below!
To the NSHAHS Community - From Mr. Peter Suchmann:

I worked with a very motivated senior last year, and here is the result of our joy-filled collaboration!                                                    A children's book called "Fiona's Fidget"!

William Shakin is an author and entrepreneur who aims to embrace the world through greater communication and service to those near and far. With the completion of his first children's book, he has taken the first step on a path he hopes to follow for years to come. Not only can the book be read as printed text, but there are scannable motifs printed on the pages to be scanned with a smartphone. This technique is called "Augmented Reality" and was done by our current Junior, Jeremy Bernstein, utilizing the Zappar app on your smartphone.

Mr. Peter Suchmann, Coordinator Science Research Program, S.T.E.A.M., Director Zspace Lab




Mr. Peter Suchmann's Science Research Students:


Congratulations to you and your NSHAHS students for this terrific article in the October edition of the NSTA Reports including the honorable mention of the Students & Scientists Research Program (Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition) in partnership with NSHAHS! 


Check out page 11 in the link below:


Latest issue: October 2018




Meet JIBO!
Meet JIBO, North Shore's Artificially Intelligent Robot. Students who join Jibo's "family" - called his "Loop" will teach Jibo to recognize their face and voice. A.I. is part of our future and our students will be growing up now with an A.I. Robot that learns and updates as time goes by. Each student is keeping a detailed journal of their experiences, emotions and discoveries.