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Science Society

The Science Society does a variety of events related to Science.  Anyone enrolled in a science course at North Shore is eligible for membership.  There are no dues, no weekly meetings, and no exclusions!

The Science Society arranges events that touch upon interests in science and offers these on a sign-up/first come, first served basis to the student body.  Ideally, these events and field trips are initiated by and conducted by our students in congruence with their interests and endeavors.

To qualify for ‘Membership in Good Standing’ a student need only to sign-up and attend 3 events per year that the Society posts.  These 'Members' may add 'Science Society' to their academic portfolio for portfolio purposes.

It is also noteworthy that Science Society events and functions NEVER take place during formal academic classes and are ALWAYS free of charge.

We bring in fascinating lecturers, take awesome field trips, and maintain a team to compete in the Science Olympiad contest, a day-long competition against other Yeshivas comprising fifteen contests. 


Few narratives are more intriguing than our own story: Who are we? What makes us human? Where did we come from? The answers have never been conclusive.



This Sunday, November 17th, Professor John Shea from the Department of Anthropology at Stony Brook University will present The Unstoppable Species: New Perspectives on Homo sapiens’ Origin and Dispersal.  His lecture will consider the survival challenges our ancestors faced, and how they overcame the odds to explain our existence today. 

NSHAHS Science Society Kick Off 2019

To kick off its 19th year, and in keeping with this year’s environmental theme, the Science Society joined faculty at the Department of Environment and Sustainability at Hofstra University for a screening of the documentary ‘Bag It’.  The double entendre of the title is a plea to simply stop using unnecessary plastics that have a less than a 5 minute purpose but last indefinitely in the environment as tiny contaminants. 

Seven North Shore students joined Mr. Wykes and Mr. Suchmann for the viewing and a discussion that followed which began with the objective facts.  Industrialists involved in the plastics industry also passionately shared their views.  Our students answered with their own plea to protect the planet for them and their children, and several went so far as to commit to organized environmental activism.


The Science Society Meets an Astronaut!  

Who would be an inspiration to science students?  How about a young woman of color who attended Stamford at age 16 and graduated four years later with two degrees, one in chemical engineering?  What if that same woman put her option to become a dancer and choreographer on hold to get her MD at Cornell, while studying for her doctorate in engineering then use her experience to become the Peace Corp’s Medical Director in Sierra Leone and Liberia? What if these accomplishments, all achieved by age 27, were all secondary to her main ambition of going into space.? Dr. Mae Jemison became a Mission Specialist on the Space Shuttle in the 1990’s and spent more than six years as an astronaut.  On April 2nd students of North Shore’s Science Society went to Hofstra to hear her speak in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.  There, Dr. Jemison encouraged students never to limit themselves and think audaciously.  Her next project springs from her limitless enthusiasm: Interstellar travel!  The Science Society encourages others to come out and experience these amazing personalities.

Hofstra University Doctors Presented "The Brain..."

On March 6th, 2019, Doctors Robert Hill and Steven Schneider and their best students from the Anatomy Lab at Hofstra’s Zucker School of Medicine were guest presenters of North Shore's Science Society!  The focus was The Brain: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before.  Twenty two students received instruction from seasoned professional anatomists as they taught brain structure using models, visuals and actual sheep brains.  This event was the seventh for the Science Society for the 2018-2019 academic year. Check out the interesting photos of the interactive event!




Dr. Yehuda Sabiner - The First Haredi Jew to Complete Medical School


February 25, 2018


North Shore students from the Science Society and Medical Minds Club had the honor of meeting and hearing Dr. Yehuda Sabiner speak with those of our students who are actively engaged in some form or another of extracurricular science learning. What makes his story unique is that he is a Gerrer Chassid form the city of Beni Brak in Israel. Typically, Jews from such insular communities as the Gerrer CHassidim do not send their children to Medical school. In fact, Dr. Sabiner is the first ever to go to the Technion to become a doctor. His story was one of determination and hope. His opening line to the presentation was perhaps the most powerful. He said "If you leave this lecture tonight knowing that if you want something bad enough and dream big, nothing can stand in your way."  


Take a look at the great photos (below) from the event!

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!
Wednesday, 2/21/18
It's not every day you get to meet a famous scientist. North Shore Science Society students got the chance at Darwin Day Lecture at Hofstra University celebrating Charles Darwin's 209th birthday.

Dr. Robert Hill is associate professor of science education at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. He helps direct the 100-week-long Structure curriculum, where students learn anatomy, embryology, histology, radiology, and physical diagnosis. He has discovered fossils on four continents and has published several research papers on paleontology, human anatomy, and medical education. Hearing him speak on knowledgeably on this topic was a real privilege.


The Science Society & The "Magic" of Chemistry!
Mr. Anderson and Mr. Wykes performed their 'best stuff’ on Thursday Night after school at this month's Science Society meeting. 
Science Society Out-Trip To Explorer's Club 
On 12/18/17, the North Shore Science Society, with Mr. Suchmann and Mr. Wykes, traveled to NYC and had an amazing evening at the Explorer's Club that included a tour of the plush anterooms of the Explorer’s Club and a lecture with David Good, a unique individual; half European, half Yanomani tribesman. his quest for identity has been highlighted in National Geographic and other cultural and scientific media. It promised to be a fascinating evening, and it really delivered! 

Yay! Go Girls in Science!


Would you like to make the laws of the universe work for you and hear some great tunes?  Science Society students Hannah Shedlo, Jasmine Namdar, Rachel Sarraf, Hadar Leybov, and Julia Zar got to do just that when they went to see the amazing pop musician and physicist, Christine McKinley!  She spoke about her book, Physics for Rock Stars and shared some of her favorite tracks on Wednesday night at Hofstra University. Our lucky gals got to meet Christine and take this fun pic with her!