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Medical Minds Club

If you are interested in the Medical Field then Medical Minds Club is for you! As a club member you will have the opportunity to meet with and listen to Doctors and other medical professionals from many different disciplines.
Medical Minds Meeting with Dr. Roya Samuels
On February 11th, 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Roya Samuels. 


Roya Samuels, MD is a pediatrics specialist in Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY and has been practicing for 15 years. She graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in 2005.

She is not only a practicing physician but is also an  Assistant Professor at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

Dr. Samuels' education background and career kept all the club members engaged in conversation. Students had many questions and Dr. Samuels was able to answer them very thoroughly and with patience.

Dr. Samuels brought in a few otoscopes (a scope for examining the workings of the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum) for students to practice on each other. 

Overall the meeting was very informative and hands on.




Dr. Yehuda Sabiner - The First Haredi Jew to Complete Medical School


February 25, 2018 


North Shore students from the Science Society and Medical Minds Club had the honor of meeting and hearing Dr. Yehuda Sabiner speak with those of our students who are actively engaged in some form or another of extracurricular science learning. What makes his story unique is that he is a Gerrer Chassid form the city of Beni Brak in Israel. Typically, Jews from such insular communities as the Gerrer CHassidim do not send their children to Medical school. In fact, Dr. Sabiner is the first ever to go to the Technion to become a doctor. His story was one of determination and hope. His opening line to the presentation was perhaps the most powerful. He said "If you leave this lecture tonight knowing that if you want something bad enough and dream big, nothing can stand in your way."  


Take a look at the great photos (below) from the event!

Our first Medical Minds Professional Panel Q&A on February 21st was Ah-mazing!
The NSHAHS Medical Minds Club organized a professional discussion panel that included a Medical Doctor - Michelle Kohansieh, MD, a Physician Assistant - Jenny Aminov, PA, and a Dental school student - Daniel Shimunov. The panel was very helpful in guiding the interested students by answering their about the specific medical field that they are interested in pursuing. The panel members also educated them on the entire process of successfully selecting an appropriate field of study, getting into school, navigating the day-to-day experience and working. The panelists were all great, and with a full house crowd of 25 students, it was a great meeting!
Medical Minds & Neurosurgery
The second Medical Minds Club meeting took place on Tuesday, November 10th and was another success with a big turnout!

Our guest speaker was Dr. Michael Brisman - Neurosurgeon and father of two students in NSHA HS. Dr. Brisman brought in booklets and pamphlets that described his highly specialized field of surgery. He also showed various videos on common procedures done and provided fascinating explanations on the topics. He spoke about his journey to success and answered many questions asked by the students. Take a look at the photos below!
Our first Medical Minds meeting on Wednesday October 24th was a rousing success!

With a great student turnout, the first meeting was a terrific way to get our new club off to an awesome start! The first meeting featured Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Ari Hoschander and was extremely informative, interesting and fun! Dr. Hoschander spoke about the steps to his success and about his field in general. He discussed his passion for plastic surgery and described in detail how he got to where he is now. Members were treated to refreshments and one-on-one talk time with the guest speaker.