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Medical Explorers


The Medical Explorers Program, advised by Samrita Chandhok, M.D., aims to give students who aspire to enter the field of medicine a competitive advantage over their peers, as well as to help students affirm their desire to enter the field.  In addition to their strong academics, students who plan on applying for medical schools need to gain practical experience.  This is usually done through college volunteer programs at hospitals and health clinics, for which acceptance can be competitive.  The Medical Explorers Program is a fantastic introduction to the clinical world and helps to prepare students for those opportunities.  

The group meets one time per week for seven weeks.  On any particular day, there are 18 to 24 aspiring medical professionals present.  The program focuses on both the theory and practicum of the medical field; the students may be learning the signs and symptoms of conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, concussion, or cardiac arrest on one day, while on the next they may be learning how to take a patient’s blood pressure, check a patient’s lung function with a stethoscope, or how to treat lacerations.  

While most of this is done on Campus, on occasion the Medical Explorers will be taken to Northwell Health’s Emergency Medical Institute, which gives students access to unmatched opportunities and experiences.  


Medical Explorers 2019
What a great experience! Students participating in this year's Medical Explorers were treated to guest speaker is Mr. James Roth from Northwell Health Hospital. He is a paramedic and discussed various interesting and unusual trauma cases. Everyone was enthralled by this fascinating lecture!  See the photos below...
Medical Explorers 2017
April 3, 2017 at the Northwell Health Education Center