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Prominent Guest Speakers

North Shore Hebrew Academy High School regularly presents fascinating assemblies featuring expert speakers across a multitude of subjects. Running the gamut from soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Force sharing their real life experiences to a criminal defense attorney giving words of wisdom as an orientation for life, the speakers reach out to our students with their deep knowledge and how it affects life in the Jewish culture as the students move into their future.
 Martin Greenfield , Master Tailor and Author of 
     "Measure of a Man:
      From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents' Tailor"
Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg-Principal, Mr. Martin Greenfield, Dr. Daniel J. Vitow-Headmaster
On May 1, 2017, North Shore had the extreme honor of hearing Martin Greenfield speak of his life from childhood in Czechoslovakia and Hungary to being moved with his family to Auschwitz concentration camp where he was put to work as a tailor. He eloquently told of the experience of his survival as a prisoner, of liberation and of asking an army chaplain, a rabbi, "Where was G-d?", and of searching for his family to no avail. He spoke of having met General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the liberation, and later, in America, making a suit for him when he was running for President. At age 19, he boarded a ship bound for America, began his journey with virtually nothing and created an amazing successful and happy life as the tailor to the Presidents and many other famous celebrities and politicians. He is a remarkable man who described how his grandfather taught him to always smile no matter what and to always be the very best at whatever he chose to do in his life. He is still smiling as he shared this lesson and his extraordinary story. Dr. Vitow purchased hundreds of copies of Martin Greenfield's book "Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents' Tailor", for everyone to remember this profound experience.
Video clip from Mr. Greenfield's speech to the school.
Martin Greenfield & Mrs. Greenfield book signing