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S.T.E.A.M. is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics. At NSHAHS, we have always placed an emphasis on science, math and related research. This foundation has evolved over the years and we are now a premier educational facility for computer science, engineering and the arts as well. 
Our students not only learn these disciplines but they compete (and excel) in science and engineering fairs; examine and construct impactful research studies; create, innovate and develop software and hardware solutions; and are recognized for their success.
Scroll down to the very end to check out North Shore's very exciting S.T.E.A.M. Program offerings, achievements & other very cool stuff!
North Shore Hebrew Academy High School Presents Our
First Ever S.T.E.M. FAIR!
Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics
Over 70 North Shore Hebrew Academy students in grades 9 - 12, participated in NSHAHS's first ever S.T.E.M. Fair displaying and discussing their various research projects and inventions with parents, friends, visitors and judges.  Scroll down for the results (complete with trophies) and the great photos from the event!
And the Winners are...
Advanced Science Research
Science Research
1st place - Ethan Basaleli for The Home Hazard Detection and Mitigation System
Most Creative - Jeremy Sofiev for Food Spoilage Sensor
Technology - AP CSP
1st place - Talia Dror for MarioBlast!
2nd place - Jeremy Bernstein for LitHome (Light It Up)
Most Creative - Rachel Pinkhasov for Ferret Football
Technology - MAE
1st place - Ron Laniado and Jack Hedaya for Chess Vision
2nd place - Shelby Hakakian and Jenny Hakakian for Easy RSVP
Most Creative - Ron Laniado and Jack Hedaya for Chess Vision
1st place - Jonathan Chen, Isaac Croog and Daniel Kovan for Smart Training Wheels
2nd place - Daniel Aranbaev and Coby Cohen for Smart Bicycle Brakes
Most Creative - Shoshana Horn and Abigail Mottahedeh for Automatic Sponge
Math Research
1st place - Ruben Prawer for Derivatives and Economics
2nd place - Shoshana Horn for Zeno's Paradox
Most Creative - Hannah Shedlo for Knot Theory
Everyone that participated did an amazing job!
Special thanks to Dr. Lisa Runco, Mr. Peter Suchmann, Ms. Nora Greene, Mr. David Weinberg & Ms. Robin Wilensky
      Scroll down and enjoy more photos from the fair!
Alexandra Dammacco
Chairperson of the Art Department, Instructor of Art & Architecture
Thomas Elkins
Instructor of Science Research
Nora Greene
Instructor of Mathematics
Merideth McCarthy
Instructor Advanced Science Research
John Motchkavitz
Instructor of Robotics
David Weinberg
Chairperson of Engineering Department, Instructor of Computer Science
Robin Wilensky
Director of Educational Technology, Chairperson of Computer Science Department, Instructor of AP Computer Science A and Principles, Advisor of North Shore News, Faculty Advisor for Girls Who Code & FiCS-IT