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Science Research with Mr. Suchmann (9th & 10th Grade)

The 9th & 10th grade work closely with Mr. Suchmann in his phenomenal innovation lab ("The Space") to research today's science & engineering challenges and to submit their projects and findings to various science competitions, expos and fairs. 
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Mr. Suchmann on SciTech Long Island
Read below about some of the original educational experiences in Mr. Suchmann's science research class.
The New York Youth Summit 2018

 The 2018 New York Youth Summit took place on Friday, April 20, 2018 at Berkeley College Manhattan Campus. After many years of being a local competition, this year the Long Island Youth Summit became the New York Youth Summit. Almost two hundred students were invited from Westchester, Manhattan and Long Island to submit projects in order to win attendance at the Youth Summit held at Berkeley College in Manhattan. Eight students were selected as finalists from our school and were invited to attend - Rachel Brisman, Theo Berger, Aaron Baruch, Hannah Shedlo, Joseph Masri, Shelby Hakakian, Halli Fein and Jeremy Bernstein. Our students enjoyed a very inspiring Keynote address given by Dr. Yves Duroseau - Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital - Northwell Health and two other discussions. One was  given by a Columbia University Alumni and the other by an Amityville High School alumni of the Youth Summit. 

Topics that were discussed in workshops this year included:  Leadership, Teens and Criminal Justice, Sustainable Fashion, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Community Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Bullying. We are very proud to announce that Jeremy Bernstein had the Winning Essay in the Renewable Energy category. He also presented the outcomes of his workshop to the entire conference and did a great job answering all of the required questions. North Shore's Mr. Peter Suchmann helped conduct the expert panel on Climate Change this year and has accepted a seat on the Advisory Board of the NY Youth Summit in order to help it grow and improve. He will offer this competition again next year to his students.
Jeremy Bernstein (2nd from left), Mr. Peter Suchmann (2nd from right
Check out more pics from the Summit!
NSHAHS Students Take 1st Place in the RUBE GOLDBERG Engineering Competition 2018!!


North Shore had 10 students on the Rube Goldberg* team this year. We participated in the Division II Regionals / Lower Hudson Valley - White Plains Rube Goldberg Engineering Expo on Sunday - 4/15/2018. The theme this year was to build a machine to pour a bowl of cereal with at least 20 steps. Our awesome team built a machine that exceeded the requirement and used 24 steps! This was the winning number! As 1st Place Winner of the Lower Hudson Valley competition, we are eligible to attend the National Finals in Chicago. (note - due to the finals taking place on a Saturday, we will not be attending)

Scott Soifer- Captain
Aaron Baruch
Noah Hutt
Ruben Prawer
Danielle Ryba
Matan Atlas
Theo Berger
Jeremy Bernstein
David Esses
Andrew Gottlieb
And alternate - Aryeh Dynkin

Check out the great pics below!  

Pictured getting the award--  Aaron and Noah were able to stay for the award announcement. 

Pictured also were Mr. Peter Suchmann - Science Research Coord and team coach. Mr. Gerard Wykes - Science Dept. Head - bus chaperone and mentor. 


* Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg, known best as Rube Goldberg, was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways, giving rise to the term Rube Goldberg machines for any similar gadget or process. He is the inspiration for various international competitions, known as Rube Goldberg Machine Contests, which challenge participants to make a complicated machine to perform a simple task.

Emperor Science Award - Congratulations Ethan Rutta!!
North Shore Junior, Ethan Rutta was selected as one of 6 students in New York State (out of a total of 100 students from across the United States!) and the only student from a Yeshiva to be awarded the Emperor Science Award. This award program is sponsored by PBS and Stand Up to Cancer and is based upon the students' essays detailing the need to find a cure for cancer. Each student's written essay addressed how cancer affected them or their communities; how science can help find a cure for cancer; and if they are able to become cancer researchers, what scientific fields would they study and why, with the judging done by prominent scientists. The essay The program is designed to empower high school students to become the next generation of scientists as they explore careers in cancer research and care through a unique mentoring opportunity.
  Ethan Rutta with Mr. Peter Suchmann
As an award recipient, Ethan will work with an esteemed university scientist on a multi-week cancer research project, receive a Google Chromebook computer to enhance their studies, and a $1500 stipend for expenses.
Great job Ethan!
Congratulations to our JV LISEF Finalists!  
(l-r) Ben Pagovich, Aaron Abizadeh, Mr. Peter Suchmann, Ethan Abizadeh, Ben Basaleli, Davina Soleimani,
Ella Shakin, and Danielle Ryba (missing from photo)   
On March 23, 2017, for the first time ever, North Shore sent students to compete in the Junior Varsity component of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, led by Mr. Peter Suchmann. The LISEF Junior Varsity (JV) Fair began in 2011, and replaced the Proposal Fair. Since competition on Long Island is very intense, the number of projects that can be accommodated at the LISEF competition is limited leading to the creation of the JV Fair providing an additional opportunity for students to compete.
The projects in this fair range from proposal and literature review projects, to students who have complete work in university laboratories serving as a stepping stone in their research career. Students are judged by science and math teachers, and compete in eight categories: Behavior and Social Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Environmental Science, Math and Computer Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Plant Science.
Excellent Job!
Our talented participants this year:
Ben Basaleli - 2nd place Engineering - Emergency Boat Recovery System
Danielle Ryba - Honorable Mention Engineering - Biometric Attendance Scanner
Ella Shakin and Davina Soleimani - Piano Gloves
Aaron and Ethan Abizadeh - The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on Fruit Flies
Ben Pagovich - Can Phragmites Be Made into a Bioplastic?
8 North Shore Students are Finalists in the 2017 LI Youth Summit!!  Wow!
8 students in Mr. Suchmann’s Science Research class are finalists in the 2017 Long Island Youth Summit and have been invited to attend the Long Island Youth Summit on April 7th , 2017 -
Invitees - Lea Chen, Ariella Hajibay, Marti Gordon, Halli Klein, Danielle Friedman, Avi Nessim, Dylan Makani, Ruben Prawer 
Topic - How Technology can Reduce Bullying in Schools
The team made a power point and a movie on the topic of Bullying Prevention in Schools. 

The Summit will bring together over 300 talented high school students for a day of interactive workshops with experts in the fields of medicine, environment, business and the economy, and leadership. The Summit offers students a unique opportunity to represent their high school and the youth of Long Island. 

The Summit is designed to engage high school students in an exploration of important current socio-medical, environmental and socio-economic issues. The Summit is a partnership among a number of Long Island organizations that include St.Joseph’s College, Northwell Health, Vision Long Island, and Citizens Campaign for the Environment, among many others.

Students selected as finalists to participate in the Summit conference on April 7, 2017 will attend workshops with top experts in environmental, socio-medical, and socio-economic fields. Students who will be selected as topic category winners will be offered opportunities to take a paid internship with Northwell Health and with other Summit sponsor organizations. All student finalists will also receive a Certificate of Participation in the 2017 LIYS. The essays, video/film and art/photography projects of participants may be featured in public exhibits as well as various media outlets on Long Island.

Congratulations on this honor and Good Luck in the next round!!

Lifetime Brands Invite North Shore Students to the Inventors Showcase 2017!
As part of our goal to involve our students in S.T.E.A.M. education, 19 students accompanied Mr. Peter Suchmann and Mr. David Weinberg to the Lifetime Brands Corporate Headquarters in Garden City (, where they were treated to a tour of the 3D Printing fabrication center, the new product showroom and three small group discussions with in house executives. Lifetime Brands represents 18,000 different items and many different lines of kitchen gadgets and kitchen products.
Several students were given the exciting opportunity to pitch their ideas to the executives, followed by group discussion with some interesting challenges that emphasized creativity and problem solving skills. Mention was also made of the work done by Genrich Altschuler, a Russian Jew who lived form 1926 - 1998 whose Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, stating 40 basic principles involved in the invention process, was also explored. In addition, it was suggested that student inventors study Altschuler's writing on T.R.I.Z. and T.I.P.S. in order to better understand the invention process.
This field trip occurred with the help of  Mr. Warren Tuttle. He is both a friend and a local expert with many successful products on the market as well as the Open Innovation Director and President of the United Inventors Association.  All in all, we had a very informative and fascinating  glimpse into the world of invention, marketing, manufacturing, packaging and successful big business. Check out the great photos below, from the trip!
Mr. Suchmann recommends that students visit to learn more about how to bring your inventions to fruition.
P.S.: Mr. Tuttle extended an open invitation to college students that we may know who are searching for an internship.
After several days of preparation, room 222 was transformed into a virtual reality survey of the surface of MARS. Students were assigned 3 crew positions aboard 3 V.R. Mars Planes. Measuring fuel consumption while visiting various potential landing sites, students searched for rich deposits of hematite - a metal ore often formed in the presence of water. Using a variety of geometric shapes, students calculated areas and searched for appropriate landing areas for the first human base on Mars. Working off of streaming data and a live person skype with the Challenger Learning Center- students determined best possible options for the initial base and shared their data with Mission Control on skype. This two period exercise served as an introduction to Martian Science. 
Our next activity will involve working with real NASA images taken from  orbit. We will scan the surface of Mars and actually looking for possible base locations. This information will be shared with scientists at NASA - who are actively looking for their first Human Base location on Mars- to be reached in about 15 years.
The final experience will involve our new HTC Vive visor which will allow students, one at a time, to walk on the surface of MARS in an augmented reality experience in room 222. We will also be working in a universal sandbox, walking on the bottom of the ocean- as well as other experiences that we choose to investigate. 
Scroll down to see the class photos from that amazing experience!