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Mission Statement


The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School strives, first and foremost, to combine the best of Jewish and General studies into an integrated, well-rounded, and personally rewarding education for each of its students. It is our hope that by offering a first-rate program in all areas of our Jewish and world heritage, from Torah, Talmud, Hebrew, and Bible classes, to literature, art, science, and athletics, we will help our students realize their fullest potential. In doing so, they will gain a greater appreciation for learning and their own self-worth. These goals proceed directly from the principles that all knowledge is a reflection of God’s infinite wisdom and all humanity the manifestation of His image.

This kind of education must be seen as the basic right of all students in our school. Classes will be co-educational and will seek to accommodate the needs of many different kinds of students by exposing them to a variety of spiritual and intellectual perspectives. In this light, we will encourage individual students to bring their own unique insights and interpretations to the curriculum.

A primary purpose of the school’s program will be to enable each individual student to discover his or her own calling, be it in the classroom texts, the sciences, the arts, or the extracurricular realm. This will, of course, coincide with our commitment to give students the tools and the drive to succeed on the highest academic levels after they graduate. Yet it will serve an even greater responsibility: nurturing every student’s creativity and self-esteem in the area that best suits him or her during these most formative years.

It must be emphasized that the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School is a yeshiva, in the tradition of that distinguished institution which has kept our people alive through the millennia. As a yeshiva, we have the responsibility of keeping the flame of Torah and yirat Shamayim, fear of God, as well as ahavat Shamayim, love of God, burning brightly in the hearts of our children. The values that emanate from the Talmud and Tanach classes must not remain static, trapped in the hallowed Hebrew texts. They must guide and inspire our students to be shomrei mitzvot, observant Jews, inform their worldviews, and enrich their life experiences.

All knowledge, be it religious or secular, stems from the Creator of the universe. The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School will be similarly driven by a commitment to academic excellence in General Studies. Through first-rate training in the analytic and quantitative reasoning that underlies such fields as chemistry and physics, students will not only hone their skills and overall scholastic aptitudes, but will gain a direct appreciation for that which the philosopher, Pythagoras, liked to call, “harmony of the spheres.” Equal emphasis will be placed upon the greater works of our classical heritage, from the foundational rigor of Euclid to the lyrical expressiveness of Shakespeare. The learning of basic skills will be combined with a sophisticated understanding of literature and Western thought. Thus enriched, our students will meet the admissions criteria and standards of the most selective institutions of higher learning. Yet, far more important, they will graduate with a highly developed and deeply thoughtful approach to the world around them.

A superior academic program is critical to a school’s success, but so are the values it imparts. If there is one value above all else that we hope to instill in our students, it is chesed, a commitment to acts of righteousness, kindness, and generosity. Schools and communities do not exist in an educational vacuum: these students enter the world with an obligation toward those around them that stems directly from their Jewish heritage. This begins with their daily activities, especially, bein adam le’chaveiro, from one human being to another, and extends to an overall responsibility toward the needy and the less fortunate. It is our duty to uphold these values in educating our children and to insure that they grow into adults who will do the same.

Furthermore, as a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva in the spirit of Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook, zt’l, we encourage Zionism and a commitment to the state of Israel. Yom Ha’atzma’ut will be celebrated, and Yom Hazikaron will be commemorated. Our students will be taught to read, write, and speak the Hebrew of modern Israel, to the point where they can function equally as members of Klal Yisrael, the Community of Israel, as centered around Medinat Yisrael, the State of Israel. This commitment will extend outside the classroom to parades, assemblies, letter-writing campaigns, or whatever will be deemed an appropriate show of American-Jewish support for the State of Israel.