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Welcome to Minimester 2020!

Minimester is a special program that involves the entire school in an experience of learning, discovery and fun! Students get to know other students and teachers they've never met and appreciate the fun of learning something just for the joy of using their minds to see the world in perhaps a slightly different way.  This year, 23 different, amazing and fascinating Minimester experiences were offered!  
Each student received a booklet with all course descriptions including information about the concluding Minimester field trip or event.  Minimester took place the first week in February during which time they met with their group and faculty leader to engage in creative, focused and unique classroom activities and learn more about the associated exciting day trips!  

*Take a look at the list to the right and click on each course to read the details and see the great photos!*


Here are just a few comments about Minimester:



"Very exciting, great to see the return of this program which not only generates excitement and good feeling, but also allows our students to see their teachers in a different light. Kol hakavod to you and the entire team!"

- Mrs. Michelle Rutta, Board Member & Parent


                "We had the best day!!! The horses were awesome!" 

                  - Mrs. Lea Hennelly, Teacher



       “I just want to tell you how respectful, motivated and responsive

        the students were during their visit.  We enjoyed our lunch at the

        NYU campus Kosher Cafeteria paid for by a North Shore 2019 graduate

        – a generous and thoughtful act, which made our students feel

        welcomed and comfortable.  We had a successful day!”

        - Mrs. Nancy Farber, Teacher


“On behalf of the whole group, thank you

for an amazing experience!  We all really enjoyed

our trip today learning Mandarin and about Chinese culture.”

- Gilad Azarahian, Student


"I really enjoyed my Minimester about "Is Hashem a Democrat or Republican?". 

It opened my eyes into new perspectives on how to view Torah, politics, and the world we live in today.  By far the best part was the trip to the Tikvah Fund. I’m not exaggerating, but it was probably one of the most influential three hours of my life.  I enjoyed hearing from different speakers about how the Torah played a key role in the development of democracy. I also had the opportunity to ask the people who run the program about their views on certain political issues (notably climate change) which really opened up my mind.  Thank you so much for organizing the Minimester program, I really loved it!"

- Justin Mirharoon, Student



"The week  was spent learning about 150 years of musical

theater history and highlights. On the last day we went to the theater

and stayed to meet the stars afterward…

It was a great Mimimester experience!" - Mrs. Lisa Septimus, Teacher



"The Minimester program was a huge success. My daughter loved being able to choose a class that interested her, and she learned a lot over the three-day semester. Last night I went to the high school for the volleyball game, and the fishing trip was just getting back. The kids came off the bus smiling while displaying all of the fish they had caught! The horse that came to the HS for the equestrian class was a big hit too.  Thank you for organizing this great program!"

- Mrs. Laura Cohen, Board Member & Parent