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Student of the Month

Each month North Shore Hebrew Academy High School's Headmaster Dr. Daniel J. Vitow
selects one student as Student of the Month. This student is featured, because he/she
achieved a level of excellence that is exceptionally noteworthy.


Andrew Gottlieb 




Did you know that only 0.5 % of the world’s population are ginger-haired males? North Shore is lucky enough to have one of their very own. Senior Andrew Gottlieb is NSHAHS November Student of the Month. This unique trait fosters strong-mindedness and a solid level of confidence. Two traits possessed by Andrew that have been demonstrated throughout his high school career.


The youngest of three, and the third to graduate from North Shore, Andrew has carved a place for himself at North Shore as unique as he his. A stellar student with many AP subjects under his belt, Andrew shares his knowledge and skill with his fellow classmates as a peer tutor. He has been teaching study skills and doing subject-specific tutoring since ninth grade in groups and for as many as eight individual students per week. Some of the subjects he covers are AP Biology, Chemistry, AP European and American History, and Economics. He says helping others succeed gives him a lot of satisfaction.


He has been involved in a wide array of activities throughout his career at North Shore ranging from business and science to sports and academic competitive teams. This is a testament to his confidence in himself. When he sets his mind to something, he goes full on for it. For example, Andrew started on the hockey team in ninth grade and each year rose to a higher level of success to include the Most Dedicated Player award and by becoming the Assistant Captain of the Varsity team. His experience on the Soccer team was similar starting on the JV team and becoming the Varsity Top Defenseman by his junior year!


Academically, Andrew was a member of the Math Team in ninth grade and has been named Captain in his senior year. This may be due in part to math-related subjects such as Advanced Calculus and Statistics being his favorites. He enjoys and is very interested in analytics for the joy of recognizing patterns that are not easily noticed at first glance. He likes the challenge of seeing these patterns in historical events and economics as well.


In addition to his sports and mathematical pursuits, he has participated in the Long Island Science Congress by creating a tongue depressor pressure sensor that works similarly to a biofeedback mechanism. The sensor worked as a sort of game to help people with speech impairments caused by tongue weakness. Andrew won Honorable Mention for this invention. Creating things that are helpful to society is important to him. Last year Andrew was Co-Captain of the 2018 Regional II First Place winning Rube Goldberg Machine contest. The competition entailed building a device to complete a simple task in a minimum of twenty steps. In the realm of Science Research, he created a design for a safer and more comfortable seat belt he calls the Ridesafe Seatbelt.


To round out his high school experience, Andrew also engaged in many competitive co-curricular activities including Yale Model Congress and Penn Model Congress where he won Outstanding Courtroom Team. There is also his time spent on the Mock Trial Team, the Debate Team and the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations, not to mention participating in the Science Olympiad and the Anti-Bias Task Force! Clearly, he performs well under pressure!


A young man with an easy smile and a great sense of humor, this National Honor Society student will soon be graduating and going to college. He said he has thoroughly enjoyed attending NSHAHS, because he was with good friends he grew up with and could count on and had great teachers and an excellent headmaster. His favorite food depends on his mood, and his favorite candy is whatever’s available.


What is he planning going forward? He is not sure, but he knows he loves business and science, so that will be his starting point as his rocket takes off and upwards.


But, the most interesting thing by far is Andrew’s quote for life: “If something doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world…unless it’s really the end of the world.”


Mazel tov Andrew! The end is just the beginning!



October 2018 Student of the Month - JACK HEDAYA

They say…you can’t tell a book by its cover. October Student of the Month, junior Jack Hedaya appears at first glance to be a reserved and serious student. However, once the book is opened, you’ll find a teen with the cool factor, a lot of passion for computers and a great sense of humor.


Hailing from Brooklyn, Jack has quite a commute every day to North Shore but feels it’s worth all the effort. Even on the days when the two-hour ride seems like a long haul, once he arrives he says the school brings out the best in him and just being there buoys him up. He selected NSHAHS, because he wanted a more diverse academic experience, and he’s living it.


Jack is a numbers and computers guy. He enjoys his computer science, business and math classes best. Once he starts talking about programming, his enthusiasm is palpable. In ninth grade, Jack independently studied AP Computer Science A and scored a 4 on the AP exam. When he came to North Shore, he actually took the class and scored his goal of 5. In eighth grade, he created and built a video game called “Cartastrophy” that was very popular in the Apple App store, and according to Apple it had over 2000 downloads in China!


This past summer, Jack interned for EXEQ, a personal budgeting and category spending finance for millenials app start-up company in New York City, as a full stack developer aka programmer with specialized knowledge in all stages of software development. He went in with the desire to work on the three main aspects of the company: website design, app development and database management, and was able to experience all of them.


In his sophomore year, he especially liked physics and math and participated in the MIT launch program along with his cousins David and Jacob Esses. They were just notified that their project to replace the inside of wire with plasma, a super conductor that offers very little resistance, was selected to receive $10,000 from MIT to move their project forward. This year, he has a very full plate and is so far enjoying Money Management, Double Gemmara, Macroeconomics and College Accounting.


Even with such a demanding schedule, Jack is always thinking of ways to help others. He is in the process of developing an app to connect people of all ages with appropriate mentors in the community. This aligns perfectly with his favorite hobby - programming. He appreciates observing a problem and finding and developing a clear quick concise solution. His passion started at about age ten when he started to research and teach himself programming inspired by his grandmother who told him that that’s where the future is. He participated in several programs and online classes while in middle school and when he learned Java, he was completely hooked. He plans to continue on this path to become a CTO or Chief Technology Office of a company he starts with his brothers. There are no official plans just yet, but they’re all on board and will see what direction the future holds.


Because all work and no play…well you know…Jack enjoys spending his precious free time playing football, video games, playing chess (he was on the NS team last year) and hanging out with friends lunching on sushi (yellowtail), M&M’s (all colors) and white chocolate.


Jack is a laser observer with a great dry sense of humor. This quality along with his positive attitude, enthusiasm and ambition in the world of technology will assure him a place of great future success!


Great job Jack – keep it going!



September 2018 Student of the Month - KAYLA KREINIK
Congratulations to Kayla Kreinik, North Shore’s first Student of the Month for the 2018-19 school year! What a great way to start 11th grade!


Kayla is a spirited exuberant student with many passions. Her diverse interests run the full gamut between her right and left brain including chemistry, art, neuroscience, jewelry design, Chesed leadership, writing, reading and computer studies to name a few. All this while keeping a cheerful life balance.


One of the activities Kayla most enjoys is being a Chesed project leader. She works with IVDU (Individualized Vocational Development Unit – a part of Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilities ). She organizes workshops for North Shore students to prep them prior to spending the day with visiting IVDU students by teaching subjects such as sensitivity training. In a recent workshop she ran in her sophomore year, Kayla came up with creative ideas to provide experiential learning for her classmates. Each student had a postcard taped to their back with something written on it visible and known only to others causing the wearer to respond to how others treated them as a result. Another teaching moment was when she had North Shore students attempt to read aloud the Gettysburg Address with multiple lollipops in their mouths. Both practicums illustrated first-hand the frustrations and tribulations the IVDU students go through each day and provided feelings of greater tolerance and empathy by the North Shore students.


Another great Chesed success is Kayla’s involvement with Chai Lifeline (a volunteer-based non-profit organization that primarily works with children battling cancer and other serious diseases) where she contacted the director of Camp Simcha, organized a bake sale, and raised and donated $800 to help build a new accessible baking room. In addition, she designs and makes jewelry and donates 10% of each purchase to Chai Lifeline. She sells her chokers and bracelets on her website, and last summer Kayla studied metal jewelry making at FIT and was deeply inspired by the jewelry she found in Israel at the Tel Aviv Shuk. In fact, Kayla had her own booth at North Shore’s Shuk for the school Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) celebration.



Kayla approaches her academic side with the same amount of excitement, imagination and dedication. In her sophomore year she won Best Educational App for an app she invented and coded called “Jeopardy for Kids” at the 2nd Annual Mobile CSP Expo for the NY Metro area AP Computer Science Fair. She also entered this winning app in the Congressional App Challenge by doing a write up and making a three minute video about the app.


Last year, she was one of three sophomores on Mr. Nagel’s Traveling Math Team, is a member of the Science Society and a peer tutor for students needing help with chemistry. She also enjoys Mr. Muir’s English class for the way he relates classic books like Catcher in the Rye to make them relevant to current times and Mrs. Rozanski’s very lively Hebrew literature class Bechina Yerushalmit. An avid reader of what she calls “realistic fiction”, Kayla is an active member of Novel & Nosh with one of her favorite books being The Book Thief. In addition, Kayla won three awards in the Scholastic writing and art competition: Honorable Mention-Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention-Mixed Media, and Gold Key-Painting. Drawing hands and faces for their expressiveness are her particularly favorite subjects.


The North Shore world of co-curricular activities also gets her attention with her participation as a writer for North Shore Notes, Girls Who Code, both Drawing & Painting and Fashion Design & Sewing clubs. She also finished her first year on the Girls’ Softball team as a left fielder who likes being on a team to make memories and have fun with friends.


This past summer Kayla volunteered at the Bristal Assisted Living facility for memory care residents. She fulfilled her goals of helping in the painting classes and playing games with the residents. She feels this is a step towards her desire to be a psychologist or art therapist with her love of neuroscience. Kayla also took Mrs. Wilensky’s online web development class and learned how to build codes and a website from scratch.


We look forward to seeing Kayla’s professional and student growth in her next and final two years at North Shore. She has accomplished so much already and has affected the lives of so many in the most positive of ways.


And because you love to know – her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is cherries! It is said that cherries teach us to value each moment and that people who love purple have great imagination and artistic qualities. That’s Kayla all the way.


Good luck Kayla!

Have a great, successful and fun Junior year!