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Chesed at North Shore Hebrew Academy is near and dear to the hearts of all of our students. From blood drives and clothing drives to volunteering in a soup kitchen at Channukah or organizing a run to support a classmate, our students love to be involved in doing whatever they can to help the community. They learn about themselves, mature and develop a stronger sense of responsibility, and get a clearer picture of how they can affect others and in turn the world.
CHESED 2018 - 19
Enjoy these photos from the Walk for Friendship to Support Friendship Circle!
On May 19th, a group of NSHAHS students teamed up for The Friendship Walk sponsored by the Chabad of Great Neck. It is an event that raises funds and awareness for the Friendship Circle – an organization that pairs teens with children with special needs for social recreational programs. North Shore students walked through the streets of Great Neck in their purple shirts and participated in a Family Carnival in a proud demonstration of community awareness, festivity, and unity.
North Shore Students @ Long Island National Cemetery to Honor of Memorial Day 2019
This past Sunday, May 26th, 10 NSHAHS students volunteered at the Long Island National Cemetery in Melville for Memorial Day. The volunteers, headed by Ms. Ferraro, paid their respects to those who gave their lives in service of the United States by helping with the set-up for the cemetery's memorial service. Additionally, students took the time to walk amongst the 250,000 military graves straightening American flags that had been blown over by the wind. It was a meaningful experience which provided NSHAHS with a rare and unique opportunity to gain insight into the magnitude and impact of the sacrifices made by patriots willing to die for the United States of America. The program was a success, and we commend all those who attended for volunteering their time over Memorial Day weekend.
Rabbi Chinskey and North Shore students helping out at Masbia Soup Kitchen.  Everyone worked hard and had fun for a great cause!



Rosh Chodesh Challah Bake (courtesy Gabriella Nassimiha, North Shore Notes)

In celebration of Rosh Chodesh Adar B’, the NSHAHS Women’s Leadership Council, led by Alia Hakakian, hosted their first Challah Bake. The Council spent weeks preparing with Mrs. Debra Gold. The Challah Bake was a great way to start the new month as it brought together many girls from different grades to celebrate as one. The lunchroom was set up with measuring equipment and necessary ingredients to prepare their Challah dough, the participants sang along to music. Afterwards, the girls were surprised with a visit from Morah Amit Yaghoubi, a brilliant Judaic Studies teacher from North Shore Hebrew Academy Middle School, who enhanced the experience even more! That evening, she helped each girl say the Bracha on their Challah and explained to them the true meaning and importance of the prayer that women say when they bake Challah for Shabbat. She then told inspiring stories and gave the girls a fascinating Dvar Torah. The Challah baking portion was great on its own, but Morah Yaghoubi’s eye-opening teachings made that night even more remarkable.  Aside from the overall delightful experience, the Women’s Leadership Council decided to use this event as a way to raise money to be donated to a shelter for battered women. This experience is one that will be cherished by everyone for a long time. Enjoy the photos below!


Beautiful & Heartfelt Chesed for a Friend...
** From Dr. Vitow:  Our students involved in great chesed. Very proud of them.


North Shore students Kayla Carmili, Anna Glasman, Maytal Rahimzada ran in the half marathon this past Sunday in Miami. We ran for Chai Lifeline under Team Adeena. In total Chai Lifeline raised more than $2.8 Million and Team Adeena raised over $84,000!! "Thank you for the endless support Dr. Vitow and the entire school have given us before, during, and after the run". 


On Sunday December 16th, a group of North Shore students volunteered at Friendship Circle at the Chabad of Great Neck. Not only did they make the kids smile, but they made our students smile as well. Special shout out to Eliana Hakimi for doing an amazing job in coordinating this activity and for setting up the "whatsapp" group so that every person attending was in touch.  Afterwards, our students had the opportunity to share their favorite moments and experiences from the day's visit.
CHESED DAY 12/4/18
Every student participated in this amazing day of Chesed in many different ways:  

9th grade was here packing challah kits for Masbia

10th grade was here packing latke kits for Masbia

11th grade was here doing a "Hackathonfooddrive" to raise money for Masbia using their laptops and social media.

12th grade- half the boys went to Masbia to prepare food for tonight's dinner and half went to Tomchei Shabbos (another food pantry type of place to work in the warehouse).

All 12th grade girls went to IVDU, Yachad's special needs elementary school, made Chanukah cookies and celebrated with the girls.

Check out the great photos of their efforts!

On Sunday October 21, 2018, 21 students with Mrs. Gold braved the cold and the strong wind to walk at Jones Beach in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. They donated over $800 for the cause not only from the walk but also from selling wrist bands and other items. It was a great success, and the students felt energized by their donation!





The first of many Chesed projects began this week with a visit from Yachad's IVDU (Individualized Vocational Development Unit) - a high school for students with special needs. North Shore's 10th grade hosted the IVDU students and planned many fun and engaging activities they were able to do together. Check out some of the photos from their visit.

While part of the 10th grade was with the students from IVDU, another group had the honor of spending time cleaning up the Silver Lake Cemetery in Staten Island, which is part of the Hebrew Free Burial Association. Rabbi Levy led the group in Kaddish for all of the Jews buried at the cemetery and they spoke about the importance of Kedushat Hazman, the holiness of time. It took a little longer than anticipated to arrive there, but with with number of students and their dedication and passion, they made their thirty minutes worth about twenty-five hours of work!  Amazing, amazing example of Chesed!