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Recent Awards & Honors

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Read all about it!!
Amazing Update!!  SCOTT SOIFER Takes 1st Place at LISEF!!
North Shore Hebrew Academy HS Student Wins 1st Place at
Long Island Science & Engineering Fair.  
He now heads to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in California!!!
Mazel Tov to Scott Soifer!


        Scott Soifer   (Grade 11)


      "The Heat Free Car - Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention System"

(Second-Generation Prototype) 

Congratulations to our JV LISEF Finalists!  
On March 23, 2017, six North Shore students competed as Team LISEF in the Junior Varsity component of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, led by Mr. Peter Suchmann. The LISEF Junior Varsity (JV) Fair began in 2011, and replaced the Proposal Fair. Since competition on Long Island is very intense, the number of projects that can be
accommodated at the LISEF competition is limited leading to the creation of the JV Fair providing an additional opportunity for students to compete. The projects in this fair range from proposal and literature review projects, to students who have complete work in university laboratories serving as a stepping stone in their research career. Students are judged by science and math teachers, and compete in eight categories: Behavior and Social Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Environmental Science, Math and Computer Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Plant Science.
Excellent Job!

Ben Basaleli received 2nd Place in Engineering.


Danielle Ryba received Honorable Mention in Engineering.









Landers Yeshiva Science Olympiad   (courtesy of North Shore Notes, Ruben Prawer)

On Sunday, March 19, 2017, twelve North Shore students participated in the annual Yeshiva Science Olympiad held at Landers College in Flushing, New York. The students, along with Mr. Wykes, Mr. Suchmann, Mr. Weinberg, Mr. Weeks and Mr. Kratchman, prepared for months in anticipation of this competition. North Shore competed against over 150 students from 13 different Yeshivot.
The competition consisted of 15 different categories, each from a different field of science, including towers, electric vehicles, chemistry and ecology. Students enjoyed both the educational and social aspects while showing off their scientific prowess. 

Olympiad competitors were required to demonstrate not only general knowledge in their particular area of science but also out-of-the-box creativity resulting in a very successful day for the North Shore Hebrew Academy in terms of awards. Medals were given to the students who won from first through fourth place in each category. 
Chemistry Lab - Bronze medal 3rd place - Well done Yair Atlas and Justin Zion!

Ecology  - Silver medal 2nd place  --  Well done Dalia Etessami and Sophie  Goldman!

Towers - Bronze medal 3rd place  —  Well done Menachem Rabizadeh and Ruben Prawer!

Congratulations! It was a great day for all of the students who attended the competition!
The only 2 students from Long Island to be selected as Finalists
Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge* Finalists @ NSHAHS!   
The amazing team of juniors Ben and Noah has done it again!
They've made it into the Round 3 Top 10 Finalists in their
category of Cyber-Technology & Security.  
With the amazing guidance of North Shore's Dr. Lisa Runco, juniors Ben Gilman and Noah Oberstein made it through the first two very challenging selection rounds with flying colors. The first round included a short introductory video, the second round a full-length video and detailed paper outlining how to start their business; complete with a marketing and financial plan to get their new anti-phishing App from the planning stage to reality. Ben and Noah have been invited to the Spirit of Innovation Summit for the Final Round 3 Competition where they will present their business concept to a panel of judges. As an international competition, Ben and Noah will be competing with students from various states in the USA to Thailand to Australia.  Their team’s business plan scored in the top 10% percent of the submissions in their category, Cyber-Technology & Security.  Their team name is BNGO Tech, and they created an app called PhishNet, which is a community-driven computer application to prevent phishing. What a great opportunity!
Congratulations and Best of Luck into the FINALS this coming April  26 - 29, at the
Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida!!
Ben Gilman (r):  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Ben is a big fan of science research, competes on the Math Team and Tennis Team. 
Noah Oberstein (l):  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Noah is also a big science research fan and is involved in Israel Awareness, Model Congress,
and the Computer Science Club.
* The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge is an international competition founded by Nancy Conrad in honor of her late husband, astronaut, innovator, and entrepreneur Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.  The Conrad Challenge is an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition that brings together a dynamic community of young innovator in a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in four areas : Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, and Health & Nutrition.

Joelle Galatan - Award:  Gold Key:  Poetry
                                                        Silver Key:  Poetry
                                                        Honorable Mention:  Journalism
Nathan Maidi - Award:  Silver Key:  Flash Fiction
Eden Schneck - Award:  Silver Key:  Humor
                                                       Honorable Mention:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ariana Zisholtz - Award:  Silver Key:  Personal Essay
Ella Shakin - Award:  Honorable Mention:  Poetry
Harrison Berger - Award:  Honorable Mention:  Poetry 
Alexandra Iskhakov - Award:  Honorable Mention:  Poetry
Great job!! Keep writing!!!
The students who participated are in Pre-AP Art, AP Studio Art, Fashion Design and Architecture classes.
Harrison Berger - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Drawing and Illustration -  Artwork: "Rose-colored Glasses"
                                      Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Angels"
Reese Berman - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "The Bigger Picture"
                                   Award: Gold Key:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Emotional Extremes"
Arielle Goldschmidt -   Award: Silver Key:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "One of A Million"
                                                Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Uncheerful"
Alexandra Iskhakov - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Fashion - Artwork: "Cocktail Dress"
Emma Kamagi - Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Broken Dancer"
Gabriella Kafash - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Mixed Media - Artwork: "Forced Perspective"
                                       Award: Gold Key:  Category: Painting - Artwork: "Surreal Jellyfish"
Mayan Khakshoor - Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Painting - Artwork: "Unseen"
Gavriella Grossman - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Reflection"
Jack Tajerstein - Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Drawing and Illustration - Artwork: "Up Close and Personal"
Nazanin Reyhanian - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Fashion - Artwork: "Yves Saint Laurent Inspired"
Joshua Yushuvayev - Award: Two Silver Keys:  Category: Fashion - Artwork: "Fashion Portfolio"
                                              Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Fashion - Artwork: "Fashion Portfolio"
Dalia Etessami - Award: Gold Key:  Category: Painting - Artwork: "The Colors of Freedom"
Ariella Apelbaum - Award: Gold Key:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "EMP Museum"
Sam Dweck - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "The NYU Library"
Benjamin Musheyev - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "My Dream House"
Hirum Gindi - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "Dream Home"
Neil Safdie - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "Bridged Jenga Building"
Aliza Perlmutter - Award: Silver Key:  Category: Fashion - Artwork: "Micheal Kors Inspired Fashion"
Yoav Toledano - Award: Honorable Mention:  Category: Architecture & Industrial Design - Artwork: "Interior Commercial Perspective"



BIG NEWS !!!!!!!

We have 4 semifinalists in the very prestigious national Conrad Spirit of Innovation Competition

Mazel Tov to:
Ben Gilman:  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Benji Kalmanowitz:  The Heatstroke Preventers - Heat-Free Car (Life Saver): Second Generation
Noah Oberstein:  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Scott Soifer:  The Heatstroke Preventers - Heat-Free Car (Life Saver): Second Generation

This is quite an accomplishment.
Also thank you to Dr. Lisa Runco, faculty member of our Science Research team for her excellent instruction and mentorship.

Take a look at the post on the NSHA HS Science Research Website

A Celebration of Poets...
Ms. April Zabinsky inspires and encourages her students (all grade 10) to extend themselves and take creative changes. A beautiful example of this is when she recently suggested they enter a writing contest sponsored by Creative Communication, asking students to compost a poem on a topic meaningful them. Creative Concepts holds student writing contests three times a year. The North Shore students were chosen out of high school students from across the country for publication. They won and were recently published in an anthology of high school student work. A copy of the beautiful book called A Celebration of Poets is in her office and picture below with the winning students. (l-r: Kayla Carmili, Emily Austin, Ian Terzi, Harry Tawil, Steven Moshel, Eddie Saban, Daniel Murdahayev)
Great job!
Mazel Tov!
For the 2nd year in a row, two of our students, Junior Sam Yunatanov and Senior Sarah Natanov, were on the winning team of Adelphi Apprentice, beating out 240 competitors. Click on the link below and read all about their win!!