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Science Research with Dr. Runco (11th & 12th Grade)

At North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, our goal is  to enhance the scientific education of students by incorporating hands-on research experiences outside of the classroom.  Our student researchers have participated in research projects at top-tier institutions, such as Harvard University, Stony Brook University, and The Feinstein Institute. Our goal is to help students continue their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in leading laboratories.  Many of our students present their work at regional and national conferences, and often win awards for their cutting-edge work.  We welcome you to browse through our site and consider participating in a research project and/or science competitions!
North Shore Senior Scott Soifer Receives U.S. Patent!
Amazing Accomplishment Scott Soifer!  

North Shore Senior Scott Soifer just received a United States Patent for his invention called a Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention System aka VHPS. You may remember from reading about it on the NSHAHS website that last year that Scott won First Place at LISEF (Long Island Science and Engineering Fair) and Fourth Place at ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) when he presented the prototype and research paper on this device. Note that a requirement to enter the international fair, a presenter must take first place at LISEF. 




A little history of his patent journey - back in the ninth grade, Scott was doing invention research by looking for problems to solve. He found that many children, pets and elderly are dying or suffering grave injuries due to being left in overheated vehicles. He then discovered that currently only reminder systems exist, but by then, it could be too late to avoid injury.

Working under the supervision of Dr. Runco and Mr. Weinberg, Scott began his first generation prototype where he used his electrical and mechanical engineering skills to develop a device that connects to a car’s electrical system via the use of a car key fob to set the device on. Once on, the device installed under the steering wheel would monitor the temperature inside the vehicle and the carbon dioxide level (CO2) exhaled. Once an established unsafe critical level was reached, the device would automatically turn on the engine and air conditioning to cool and aerate the car. This is the version he presented in competition in his sophomore year.

He then decided to find a way to upgrade and improve the device creating the second, and much smaller, generation version that is the award winning patented system. The on-board diagnostic port device is turned on automatically via a Raspberry Pi microcomputer built into the device. In addition, Scott developed an app that sends a notification to the phone of the owner and automatically contact the police about the conditions within the vehicle.  In addition to the previous features of temperature and carbon dioxide breath detection, he also added a feature that would detect the level of carbon monoxide (CO) to prevent poisoning in the case of a clogged tailpipe or leaving an engine running in a closed space such as a garage.

Last month, Scott received the formal copy of his United States patent and has since been working to achieve international patents with each respective country where he has applied. Stateside, he received an Honorary Citation from the Nassau County Legislature for his amazing invention.


In his spare time, Scott enjoys long-distance biking, snowboarding and skiing, baseball and golf. He is on the North Shore varsity baseball team. He also enjoys working in the foldaway woodworking shop he built in his parents’ garage or in the electronics lab he set up in the laundry room or using the three monitors and 3-D printer in his bedroom.  He attributes his love of robotics, engineering and woodworking to his aeronautical engineer grandfather. Together they built a bike ramp for tricks and a hovercraft. He considers himself to be both creative and an abstract thinker. That comes as no surprise!

He is graduating in June. In addition to making decisions about college, Scott’s long term goal for the Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention System is that it would be made mandatory in all new cars worldwide. Imagine how many lives would be saved! Imagine how many more extraordinary inventions Scott will bring into the world! Great job! Congratulations!

North Shore has not just 1...
Congratulations Jason Kurlander and Dylan Makani!
Jason Kurlander 12th grade
Research Project:  "Characterizing In Situ mTG Crosslinked Gelatin Hydrogels with Encapsulated Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Cell Delivery in Applications of Regenerative Medicine"
Dylan Makani  10th grade
Research Project: "Mitigation of TiO2 stress and characterization of a putative Brassinosteroid Insensitive-1 gene in Lemna minor"
Click on the links below to read more in the Newsday and other links below!


Sophomore Ethan Abizadeh was awarded Honorable Mention in Environmental Science at the SAAWA Science Competition on April 23rd.  Ethan's work examined "The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Fruit Fly Reproduction Rate." Dr. Lisa Runco primarily works with Juniors and Seniors, but if a 10th grader has a project that can be advanced to senior level competitions, competition is ON! Excellent work Ethan!

Sophomore Eden Schneck has been invited to intern during Summer 2017 in the laboratory of Dr. David Thanassi, Ph.D., Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Center for Infectious Diseases at Stony Brook University - School of Medicine.

Congratulations Eden!  Great job!

Science Research New News!!


Ben Gilman has been accepted into the High School Research Program at Brookhaven National Laboratory this summer. The HSRP is a highly competitive six week education program for students interested in pursuing STEM studies. Specifically, Ben has been selected to work in the Computer Science & Mathematics Department.

Great job Ben!  

Arielle Rothman has been selected as a Winner/Honorable Mention for The American Society of Human Genetics 2017 DNA Day International Essay Contest.  Arielle’s essay was selected from over 650 submitted essays to reach the final round.  The announcement of winners will take place on DNA Day, Tuesday, April 25th.  Please note: This is the 2nd year NSHAHS has placed in this International competition - Stacy Okin was an Honorable Mention in 2016.

Excellent work Arielle!

Amazing Update!!  SCOTT SOIFER Takes 1st Place at LISEF!!
North Shore Hebrew Academy HS Student Wins 1st Place at
Long Island Science & Engineering Fair.  
He now heads to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in California!!!
Mazel Tov to Scott Soifer!


        Scott Soifer   (Grade 11)


      "The Heat Free Car - Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention System"

(Second-Generation Prototype) 


      L.I.S.E.F.  Long Island Science & Engineering Fair


North Shore has 3 students advancing to Round 2 in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair competition!  This is a tremendous honor and a very exciting opportunity for these students.  Special thanks to the NSHAHS Science Research Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Runco.  Students will be competing on March 23rd, at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY.

Congratulations and good luck to:


                                      Shani Kahan (Grade 12)

                                                         Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Majestic Backlink Exporter 



       Arielle Rothman (Grade 12)

       Design of a Functional Assay to Induce Stem Cell-Derived Beta Cell Maturation 




                                 Scott Soifer (Grade 11)

      The Heat Free Car - Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention System (Second-Generation Prototype) 

The only 2 students from Long Island to be selected as Finalists
Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge* Finalists @ NSHAHS!   
The amazing team of juniors Ben and Noah has done it again!
They've made it into the Round 3 Top 10 Finalists in their
category of Cyber-Technology & Security.  
With the amazing guidance of North Shore's Dr. Lisa Runco, juniors Ben Gilman and Noah Oberstein made it through the first two very challenging selection rounds with flying colors. The first round included a short introductory video, the second round a full-length video and detailed paper outlining how to start their business; complete with a marketing and financial plan to get their new anti-phishing App from the planning stage to reality. Ben and Noah have been invited to the Spirit of Innovation Summit for the Final Round 3 Competition where they will present their business concept to a panel of judges. As an international competition, Ben and Noah will be competing with students from various states in the USA to Thailand to Australia.  Their team’s business plan scored in the top 10% percent of the submissions in their category, Cyber-Technology & Security.  Their team name is BNGO Tech, and they created an app called PhishNet, which is a community-driven computer application to prevent phishing. What a great opportunity!
Congratulations and Best of Luck into the FINALS this coming April  26 - 29, at the
Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida!!
Ben Gilman (left):  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Ben is a big fan of science research, competes on the Math Team and Tennis Team. 
Noah Oberstein (right):  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Noah is also a big science research fan and is involved in Israel Awareness, Model Congress,
and the Computer Science Club.
* The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge is an international competition founded by Nancy Conrad in honor of her late husband, astronaut, innovator, and entrepreneur Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.  The Conrad Challenge is an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition that brings together a dynamic community of young innovator in a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in four areas : Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, and Health & Nutrition.



CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Soifer on securing this exciting internship!

This summer, Scott Soifer will be working in the laboratory of Katia Bertoldi, PhD at

Harvard's School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.


BIG NEWS !!!!!!!

We have 4 semifinalists in the very prestigious national Conrad Spirit of Innovation Competition

Mazel Tov to:

Ben Gilman:  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Benji Kalmanowitz:  The Heatstroke Preventers - Heat-Free Car (Life Saver): Second Generation
Noah Oberstein:  BNGO Tech - PhishNet
Scott Soifer:  The Heatstroke Preventers - Heat-Free Car (Life Saver): Second Generation

This is quite an accomplishment.
Also thank you to Dr. Lisa Runco, faculty member of our Science Research team for her excellent instruction and mentorship.

Take a look at the post on the NSHA HS Science Research Website